Design Principles FTW – The most comprehensive collection of design principles on the web

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Design Principles FTW is a website dedicated to collecting and curating information on various design principles. It serves as a resource for anyone interested in learning about and utilizing these principles to create user-friendly and effective designs.


  • Comprehensive collection: It claims to be the most extensive collection of design principles on the internet, featuring contributions from various sources.
  • Focus on user experience: The website emphasizes the role of design principles in creating a positive user experience by ensuring consistency and clarity in design decisions.
  • Categorization: You can find design principles categorized by different aspects, including:
    • Universal principles: Applicable across diverse design contexts.
    • Specific principles: Tailored to specific design areas like product design or user interface (UI) design.
    • Company-specific principles: Established by individual companies to guide their design processes.
  • Curated by an expert: The website is curated by Gabriel Svennerberg, a UX strategist and product manager, ensuring a level of quality and relevance to the field.

Overall, “Design Principles FTW” serves as a valuable resource for designers, product managers, and anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of creating user-centered and effective designs.